Our greatest value is the welfare of our clients.

Auxiliary Services

Logistics, merchandising, telephone support, information assistants, concierge services, computer services...

Cleaning Service Functions

Sweeping and mopping of the vestibule, doors, common outdoor areas, mail boxes, stairs, garage maintenance...

Integral Services

Customer support, administration, IT (data recorders, programmers, designers ...), maintenance, cargo handling, industry...

Gardening and pool maintenance

Maintenance of gardens and planting seasonal flowers. Pool maintenance, water pH control and specialized staff.


We can register your needs and provide our Facility Manager services so as to optimize costs and a better management in the available resources.

Infrastructure management

Management of those service and maintenance companies contracted by our clients.

Get to know us

Logotipo DIDO Servicios Integrales S.L.

Dido Servicios integrales S.L., is a specialized company full of professionals with a wide experience offering and adapting to all kinds of services and needs that our clients may request for the proper operation of their business or community, without neglecting the expertise and professionalism within the business scope of each of our clients. Therefore, the application of human and technical resources is characterized by an analysis of the requested service, as we do not just want to provide solutions; we also expect them to be the most rational and adjusted in terms of quality and price.

Our competitive advantage is based on adapting the features and characteristics of each customer so as to achieve the maximum guarantee of success for their business without being that just a service, but instead an added value.

Although we are a relatively innovative and newly-formed company, the professionals we count on are highly skilled in all areas that the company offers, being:

  • Security Directorate
  • Head of Security
  • Property & Facility Manager
  • Administrative staff
  • Logistic Personnel and Ancillary Services
  • Cleaning staff

Therefore, we want the dialogue with our client to be both personalized and comprehensive and that the subsequent responsibility of the outsourced personnel falls directly on DIDO. We will be responsible for managing the company staff both in administrative and compensation issues, sick leaves, holidays, selection procedures and training

DIDO considers customers as our raison d’être. The identity of the commitments made to each of them is a faithful reflection of the quality and guarantee we offer in each one of our services;

  • Controllers and auxiliary staff.
  • Concierge services and chauffeur.
  • Cleaning Services.
  • Gardening and general maintenance.
  • Consulting & Facility
  • Infrastructure Management.
  • Services management and maintenance companies.

We, DIDO SERVICIOS INTEGRALES S.L. guarantee the best service at the best price.

Auxiliary Services


Additional areas are essential for any business and often key to achieving company development and business goals. DIDO SERVICIOS INTEGRALES S.L. allows companies to focus on the main activity of your business leaving the management of your non-strategic areas to others working along with a supply of services according to your needs, ranging from selection and staff training to design and services organization.

  • Logistics
  • Merchandising
  • Telephone support
  • Information assistants
  • Transport and distribution
  • Concierge services
  • Computer services
  • Private fire protection services


We are fully adaptable to specific characteristics of each of our client’s needs so as to achieve the highest quality and meet the desired requirements. Clients are not responsible for the management of the staff, either of its selection procedures, recruitment and personnel management, holidays, sick leaves, etc. DIDO SERVICIOS INTEGRALES SL, manages and assumes the responsibility of both people and facilities and ensures an optimal and early detection and response to any incidents and / or causes that may occur in all accesses to be controlled.

DIDO SERVICIOS INTEGRALES S.L. provides a greater insight into the presence and reach in the controlled areas and, therefore, an increase in abnormal-situations prevention and deterrence of anomalous and intrusive behaviors.

Auxiliary Functions Available:

  • The auxiliary personnel are in charge performing general and specific functions defined by the client.
  • Protocol services will be carried out according to the internal rules of the facilities.
  • Daily reports may be requested when and if any anomalies and incidents detected on the facilities are noted.
  • Management, monitoring and total control of the different service companies working on the client’s facilities.
  • Regular inspections will be carried out so as to ensure proper development and functioning of the service and the assigned staff.
  • 24/7 available telephone assistance in case of emergency.
  • Control calls to operating base.
  • Control, verification and access control to anyone unconnected to the facilities.
  • Periodic cleaning will be made throughout the compound.
  • Facilities and service materials maintenaince.
  • Custody, check and keys control of the facilities.
  • Main entrance and opening/close door control.

Cleaning Service Functions


At DIDO we are well aware of the good image that your company must project. We know that aesthetics and appearance are one of the most important issues as each space must have its proper and specific maintenance and cleaning.

Our method of working independently and, at the same time, applicable to residential areas, bureaus or industry offers many different alternatives always based on the same pattern of performance: Top-notch first cleaning professionals, industrial cleaning in factories, warehouses, garages, glass cleaning in stores, offices and factories; and polishing and glazing floor maintenance with latest technological polishing machines.

Scheduled cleaning maintenance with continuous supervision:

Daily Cleaning

• Sweeping and mopping of the vestibule. • Cleaning of public toilets and changing rooms. • Cleaning of elevators. • Cleaning of common areas. • Empty wastebaskets and ashtrays. • Stairs and landings maintenance.

Weekly Cleaning

• Handrails and fire extinguishers. • Scrubbing the aisles of the storage rooms. • Cleaning doors • Sweeping and mopping the stairs of the vestibules. • Cleaning of common outdoor areas. • Cleaning mail boxes.

Monthly Cleaning

• Cleaning the rooms of the facilities. • Cleaning the glasses of the doors as well as common areas. • Cleaning the rails of the elevators. • Eliminating any spider webs on walls and ceilings.

Annual cleaning

• Grinding and polishing the floor of the common areas and vestibules. Twice-a-year garage maintenance and cleaning.

Specific cleaning according to the daily, weekly, monthly and semi-annual schedules depending on furniture, elevators, windows, access doors, garages and storage.

All this is provided by our company, but we always adapt to the needs and requirements of our clients.

Integral Services


We offer our customers all kinds of carefully selected professionals to meet temporary market and/or in-company situations

Time is important to your business, so DIDO SERVICIOS INTEGRALES SL is well prepared to react immediately giving a quick and effective response. Diligently and actively participating in the process of finding solutions and counseling, DIDO SERVICIOS INTEGRALES S.L, appears as a partner in a Human Resources field, offering exclusivity to the needs of each client. Each of our customer is unique.

  • Customer support (receptionists, janitors, hostesses, phone operators ...)
  • Administration (administrative, clerks, accounting ...)
  • IT (data recorders, programmers, designers ...)
  • Maintenance (electricians, plumbers, refrigeration engineers ...)
  • Cargo handling (waiters, stockers, forklift drivers ...)
  • Industry (laborers, technicians, officers ...)
  • Other ...

Technical Resources

Each customer and sector require specific needs, so the application of technical means is determined in the study phase of the service in order to provide an ad hoc solution to generate customer value to your business by increasing productivity of ancillary services.

Necessary, preventive and corrective maintenance tasks are continuously carried out by specialized engineers to keep the client facilities perfectly operational with the lowest cost and in accordance with current legislation. Specific training, theory and practice is applied according to the needs of each service.


Gardening and pool maintenance

Maintenance of gardens and planting seasonal flowers.

Study and development of natural landscapes.

Pool maintenance, water pH control and specialized staff (lifeguards and machinists).



DIDO Servicios Integrales, is specialized in counseling, consulting and strategic development, providing our customers solutions that will ensure security and trust in our prestigious brand.

We count on a team of analysts that allow us to evaluate all aspects that may affect the reputation or management of the company regarding its assets and people.

Moreover, we can register your needs and provide our Facility Manager services so as to optimize costs and a better management in the available resources.


Infrastructure management

DIDO Servicios Integrales, offers the possibility of outsourcing your contracts to facility and infrastructure maintenance companies, which our dedicated team has already negotiated with (as well as with first class supplier services).

Resources are successful because our customers benefit from better prices according to the volume of contracts managed.

  • Service Management and maintenance companies

  • DIDO Servicios Integrales, offers comprehensive management of those service and maintenance companies contracted by our clients, always offering a continuous improvement and monitoring of the entrusted tasks.

    Our clients transfer the risk to our company offering them the possibility to manage their needs with fewer resources and, therefore, economize the costs of the contracted companies.

The satisfaction of our customers, our main objective.

DIDO Servicios Integrales


For any questions or concerns you may have, you can reach us on:

Phone number: 918 288 182

Email address: administracion@dido.es

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